Meandering Transcripts… Ahhhh Monday!

Em’s DayBook – Vol. 24

“O Holy Spirit, descend plentifully into my heart. Enlighten the dark corners of this neglected dwelling and scatter there Thy cheerful beams.”
— St. Augustine

august 25

Happy Monday All!

I hope and pray you had a great weekend.  We honestly had a quiet and family-only weekend. We went to the YMCA Pool. We hung out. I went to a Co-Op meeting. Just little things like that. We love to entertain. We love to do fun things. But man, don’t you just LOVE the weekends where you don’t have 75 things to do outside the house?  YES!

Today I’m Linking Up With…

As an aside… The problem with link-ups for me is that I always leave messages on at least five other bloggers posts. And people don’t return the favor. I find that rude. In the end, I don’t write for others. But still. There is an etiquette… just saying’!

Things I’m Thankful For…

  • My husband. He’s my bestie. He’s such a great provider. I can’t imagine my life without him. Thank you God!
  • Friends. Friends who say to me, “don’t try to fit in, you have friends who love you!” Amen!
  • Fresh Produce. We are blessed to live in an area where produce is abundant!
  • New recipes.
  • Choices.
  • Cooler than average weather. I know – repetitive. But I’m THAT Thankful.
  • Daily Devotion Books. I love to read a few quick devotions.

Things We’re Up To…

  • Laundry.
  • Bread making.
  • Organizing Classroom.
  • Planning a Fall Camping Trip – Just us.
  • We had a park/swim playdate with friends last week. Hoping to do it again this week.

Things A Wife Does (Marriage Monday)…

As you all know, I love Elizabeth’s Marriage Monday series. It’s truly an eye-opening post weekly. It challenges me to both recognize what I do well and where I need to work to better myself as a wife. Today’s post is about being a Feminine Wife. Oh I do love this post. I am an educated woman. I was fiercely independent… and I married a man who is a man’s man. You can imagine that we struggled – and you’d be right. Sigh.

In order to make our marriage work, I had to let myself be taught to be a Godly wife (that may have been super poor grammar, so go easy on me, my grammar police friends).  We live in a society that says women can do ANYTHING and that women don’t NEED a man. AND that men are stupid and inferior. HOW SAD!  It’s also UNTRUE!

  • I can do many things, perhaps anything – but I am not as strong as a man. I am not as MANLY as a man and there are many things I do not want to do that a man might want to… And people – I’m ok with it.
  • I do NEED a man. I need my husband. I can’t imagine my world without him. Oh yes, I used to say, “well, if I am 35 and single I’ll just have a child and raise it by myself”. REALLY?   Sure, I’ve done it while he is out of country and traveling and gone LOTS! And if I had to, I’d do the best I could. But God designed marriage between a man and woman so that children could be exposed to the mother and father they need. Part of being a good wife is making sure that happens in our marriages.
  • My husband is not to be emasculated.  I do not wish to deprive him of his strength or ability to pro-create. God designed him to lead our family and I will do everything I can to lift him up and help him feel manly and needed.


This week, she even gave homework -

Homework Assignment:  Are you up for some homework?  Your assignment for this week, if you choose to accept it, is to ask you husband to tell youhonestly how he likes you to wear your hair, and what clothing styles he likes, etc. You must promise yourself ahead of time that you won’t argue with what he tells you!  Have some ducktape handy, if need be, but don’t react to what he tells you!  Just listen and apply your new found knowledge!

In My Kitchen…

A few things.  1) We are really low on budget right now. We aren’t hurting. We are just being oh-so-careful.  And so – we are working hard to use what we have AND to bring new things to the table.

That is the beauty of knowing the Pantry Challenge (Thank you Jessica). You see, when times are tough, you know you can make things out of interesting combinations, or toss blueberries in a recipe that calls for pears (Again, thank you Jessica).

This week, with Bountiful Baskets (which we participate in about once/month) we got the Conventional Basket and these additions:

  • Lunch Box Pack – Hoping for Apples, Plums, Carrots, Grapes, Grape Tomatoes, Nectarines, Apple Pears, Bartlett Pears.
  • Hatch Chiles – Approx 25 Lb – Product of Hatch, New Mexico
  • Grill Pack – Hoping for green chiles, mushrooms, yellow and green bells, onions, corn, white asparagus, yellow squash and zucchini

So what happens is, we come home from BB and get to work. Marque will be Roasting Hatch Chili Peppers and I’ll be blanching and freezing veggies. Christopher will be the helper.

2) We are going to challenge ourselves to spend $100/week on groceries. This won’t include pet supplies, cleaning supplies or paper goods. I think we’ll add another $130 for that/month.  Our total monthly spend will be less than $600. We hope to reduce it even more!

Helpful links:


Books I’m Reading…

  • A Year of Grace & Magnificat (Daily).
  • Saints On Call (As needed).
  • Ginny’s Gems (re-read).

Things I’m Learning…

Life is such a great learning experience. I’m so thankful for all I’ve learned.  That too much technology is NOT a good thing! TRULY!

That I am not the only one who ponders these kinds of things. A blog I follow, The Littlest Way’s author, Jenny posted this today:

I am pondering the insidiousness of the evil one. I am pondering how easy it is to listen to the opinion of others and form the judgments they have already formed and are leading us to without consulting ourselves or God first. I am pondering the damaging effects of slander and gossip, jealousy and anger.

I won’t say I’m thankful to know I’m not the only one. But the devil is strong and he comes in many forms to try to sneak in and make us feel bad about ourselves and others.  In order to be true to Our Lord, we must forgive and love others anyway. This is hard. And we may not let others into our lives after they have hurt us, but we should strive to forgive and be pleasant at least. Yes?!!

Anyway – I’ve also learned..

  • that I have a cleaner than average house, even on days I think it’s a mess.
  • I’m a dang good wife – thanks Marque.
  • and that people’s perception of me, many times, has little to do with me.
  • And much much more.

Things I’m Praying For…

  • Our World.
  • Our Co-Op
  • The school year for my family & friends.
  • Health & Finances
  • For Stick-to-it-ive-ness!


SLURPEE – such a necessity here in Hot-Worth! lol It’s a treat!


I hope and pray you all have a great week.

Love, Hugs & Blessings,


Davis Academy Weekly Wrap Up – It’s Still Summer Here

Happy Friday All!

I’m playing along in the weekly wrap up just to get started again… you know, back in the rhythm. But I have a confession to make – we are still enjoying summer here.

Ok – so when I say ENJOY, let’s just say – we wish we could have done more, but we’re making the best of it. We’ve not had a proper vacation, but that’s because Marque’s job schedule has essentially negated everything we had planned. BOOO.

We are hoping to get to Houston & the beach one weekend before it gets cold (so you know, we have until late October, early November here in Texas!).   Here are some things my student has been learning this summer…

Cooking Basics

  • Spaghetti sauce
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Experimenting with spices
  • Basics of Baking


  • Mowing
  • Cleaning Toilets
  • Vacumming
  • AND – how to do it right the first time.


  • Multiplication Tables (click on that for a link to a great site with freebies)
  • Plus, we just finished up 4th Grade in July!  We hope to not start 5th until September 8th, but we may start the week before.
  • The teacher, Ahem, that’s me – has been moving things around and going over schedules, etc.
    • Co-Op starts next week and I am teaching 9-10 year old Stories of Saints.
  • If you are a “regular”, you know we use Seton. Christopher is going into 5th Grade and taking two 6th Grade courses (Science and Math).

This is what our classroom currently looks like. As you can see, we are organizing (aka – it looks awful).  This first pic is my desk.


This pic is from the door. It’s also my craft room.


We moved the computer to the living room. Pictured below.

new computer area

We will move the corner shelf, and put this cabinet behind the desk:


As a reminder – the yellow walls will be replaced with the grayish color in the scheme below.

living room plan

I think we will like our new computer space for many reasons. 1) the computer is distracting to me during the school day and I need to focus on my child. 2) in the classroom/craft room it feels isolating if you are on the computer when the family is home.

Additionally we have done some fun things, like – 

  • Hanging at the YMCA Pools.
  • Hanging at the Park.
  • Playing games
  • Various playdates
  • Played baseball.
  • Shot a local commercial (TAFB).
  • Vacation Bible School.

To be honest, it’s been a pretty casual Summer.

I hope and pray you are all doing well.

I’m linking up with two blogs today:

  1. Weird Unsocialized Homeschool – Weekly Wrap Up
  2. Home to 4 Kiddos – My Week In Review

Check them both out if you are a homeschool blogger.

Blessings you guys – until next Friday.


Small Success Thursday – JOY!!

SST – Vol. 14

If we have been saved and sustained by a love so deep that death itself couldn’t destroy it, then that love will see us through whatever darkness we are experiencing in our lives.                                                     – from Pope Francis and our Call to Joy

Happy Thursday All!

The world is so full of bad news. It’s overwhelming sometimes. And so we weed through our live for small successes. I love the Small Success Thursday Link-Up. And as I get more organized again (a small success) I will be participating more.  I miss it, because it makes me, perhaps on a tired Thursday, turn myself and my heart to the positives.

The quote above is from a book called Pope Francis and Our Call To Joy.  You do know we are called to joy right? Everything in Joy! On the site called Bible Gateway (I use the NRSV Catholic Edition), Joy is found 237 times in the Bible. Just saying. My son will likely HATE that term, so I am trying to find other ways to say it. Dear ten year old, enough with the huffs and rolls of eyes. HA!

Galatians 5:22 [Full Chapter]     The Fruit of the Spirit ] By contrast, the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness,

Then shall the trees of the forest sing for joy before the Lord, for he comes to judge the earth.
It is joy that allows us to count our blessings. We must take stock on a bad day/week and realize with the bad comes so much good. Truly. We are so blessed.  In Joy we can find the small things…
With that, my small successes are:
  1. Picked up a friend’s boys yesterday and took them to lunch and back here for xbox time, and to the YMCA Pool. They got along. No one starved, drowned or got injured! This is a success. Boys ages 9, 10 and 12. The kicker, I stayed pretty calm. GO ME!
  2. Finished Syllabus for Co-Op (Stories of Saints for 9-10 year olds). It is hard to pick Saints that are new to the children AND didn’t die such horrific deaths that it would scare the children.
  3. Worked out a few times (this is good for me and stress).
  4. Filled in my new organizer/planner. Thank you Michele Quigley for coming up with the Catholic Daily Planner!!
  5. The Veiling group is over 1000 members. I think that is good for ten months. It’s not always FUN to admin a group. And honestly I’m not a Facebook Fan, in general, but I love that the Holy Spirit is working in so many women to bring this deviation back!

I’m sure there are more daily blessings and successes, but this is a light post and I want to keep it that way.

I’m off to clean and get my home ready for the hubs to return.

Love, Hugs & Blessings ALL!


Monday’s Meanderings… Planning?

Em’s Daybook Vol. 23

We know that we aren’t always going to be happy. Sadness, even tragedy, is going to cross our paths more than once. But if we strive to be joyful on a daily basis, we seem to develop reserves upon which we can draw. – from Pope Francis and our Call to Joy

Happy Monday All!

How are you today? Around our Nation, children are going back to school. Next week for our school district. We were going to start September 8th, but I think I’ll back it up a week and start the day after Labor Day.

Marque is traveling and is in the metropolis of Hawthorne, NV. I’ve been working on Laundry and moving things around, getting organized, etc… Try not to be jealous. HA!

Today, I’m Linking Up With:

I may try some new link-ups too. Oh they probably won’t be new to you. But I need to rejuvenate my blog posts.  I’ve got to plan it out. You know how you stare at a planner and think “I need to plan this out”… and then you get interrupted and the next thing you know, you are laying down to sleep and you think, “dang I didn’t plan that”. Well, you’re not alone. Sigh. HA!

Things I’m Thankful For…

  • Cooler than normal temps in North Texas.
  • Friends who are beating cancer.
  • Friends, period!
  • My husband and son.
  • The ability to Homeschool.

Things We’re Up To…

  • I co-hosted a Baby Shower on Saturday. Here are the cupcakes I made…



  • We moved the computer to the living room. Why? Because it’s too distracting for me and I need to be apart from it. So when I am in the classroom/craft room, I’m teaching or crafting… I will share a pic once it’s all done.
  • Working on my syllabus for Co-Op. Gathering Saint Activities.
  • Later this week, we are going to the park with friends and then to the pool.
  • I’ve also got a dinner/meeting for CCD (Teaching 1st Graders)

Things a Wife Does (Marriage Monday)…

OOOH this week is so good. HA Titled “So You Think You Are A Submissive Wife” – LOL RUH ROH!

While obedience is simple compliance to a list of rules or commands,submission is an attitude of respect and a willingness to obey God either by complying with the wishes of an authority or by respectfully disobeying that authority if the need arises.  

I both fail & succeed daily in my wifing duties.  Elizabeth lists these ten things as Trip Ups for trying to be submissive wives. I have to admit I’ve done some of these… though I am better than I once was. I have work to do. In the end, if I say we are broke and can’t buy… but I go out and buy something small and don’t tell my husband, I’m counter-productive. right?  Sigh.

If you aren’t perfect, like the rest of us, it’s ok. Remove the traps and behaviors that cause them and you’ll be doing very well. It’s enough some days just to recognize them and work on not doing them.


don'ts for wifes


If you ask my husband, he’ll tell you I’m a great wife. I know I am. But there is always room for improvement. Isn’t that what it’s about?

In The Kitchen…

Um… the hubs is out of town. It’s all about easy stuff.

Things I’m Thinking About…

What I would do if I won the lottery? How it would feel to be debt free… be able to help others so much. You know?

My need to be more organized. Make more cards. Just do things I love to do. I’m such a procrastinator. Sigh.  But as my friend Wally says, stop wasting time, just do what you need to do (paraphrased). Sigh – he’s so right.

I am in planning mode… and the more I plan the more distracted I get. Dear God – HELP ME!

Books I’m Reading…

Um…. books for school and exciting things like that. Sorry….  Yesterday, I was reading the Catholic Digest and it was highlighting great books. ALL of which I have and NONE of which I’ve read. SHAMEFUL! Luckily my budget freeze won’t hurt my desire to read. HA.

Things I’m Learning…

That I don’t have to defend myself when I am not wrong. I’m THAT person… oh, you don’t like what I am saying/doing… let me try to make it better for you at the expense of my own sanity – NO MORE!

That my child is spectacular. I’ve always known this. Yes I know my feet are square. But he announced the other day that he needs a pedicure because his feet are like mine. UM – Apparently I needed one too. Anywhooo… and when I got this color on my toes he announced it wasn’t half bad. Thanks Buddy. lol

nail color

That my husband is a brat. Meet his new computer. Sigh.  Yes, they gang up on me, my computer nerds. The boy is just so excited that the iPad 2 is his AND the hubs is in heaven. I mean, I may be obsolete soon. HA


MARQUE with Mac

Things I’m Praying For…

  • For the Persecuted Christians around the world.
  • The Lonely – that they find Our Lord and are never alone.
  • The sick – that they win their battle with their body or mind.
  • My family and friends who have cancer – that they may be healed/find peace.
  • Our health and finances.
  • My husband on his trip.
  • And for you!


I made this -

veil fun


And this is what I snack on while planning…


Have a great rest of your week!

Love, hugs & Blessings from Texas,


Monday’s Meanderings… Big Sighs All Around…

Happy Monday All.
Happy Feast of St. Clare Day! You really should read her story. Sigh. I love Saints!


Linking up With…

I’m playing around with my subtitles.  Let me know how you like them. I struggle with these posts sometimes because really – so many of the link-ups have gone kaput. And then I think – who cares what I’m doing anyway. HA! thank you for reading my blog if you do. I thought I’d just say that!

Things I’m Thankful For…

  • Another day. I know I know – dramatic huh? But so true. I’m thankful God gave me today to get up and do it all again, whatever that IT should be!  I may as well have a good attitude about it.
  • My child & husband.
  • My Faith.
  • Music. Christian Music is my happy place currently.

Things We’re Up To…

Like everyone’s life, ours is busy.

  • A few months ago I wrote our new Bishop and asked if he would consider a blessing Mass and PotLuck for the homeschoolers.  I’m happy to say, a few moms met with a representative from his office and we were granted a Mass/PotLuck. No details yet. No date yet. But how exciting is that?  I could not be more thrilled for the children especially.
  • We are also gearing up for Marque’s upcoming travels. It’s a few months or here for two weeks, gone for a few weeks… Good Times.
  • We did a thorough clean of the boy’s room. There were a few small spiders. The Aspergers in him was magnifying it. So we moved all the furniture, dusted, sprayed for bugs, etc. Bought a new reading lamp. He’s been sleeping in the guest room and today we’re putting it all back together and he’s going to sleep in his room tonight.
  • We found a new diner. It’s called Joe’s Coffee Shop in Watauga, TX. Old fashioned-diner atmosphere. Yesterday after Mass, we went. We said our blessing. Turns out the older couple next to us goes to Mass at our Church.  We chatted about Military things (the menfolk) and homeschooling. They are much older. But it was so nice. We always enjoy it. Prices are decent too. I mean – for the food and all! Hadn’t had anything bad yet (and that’s not easy for us).

About Marriage Monday – Wifing…

Have you ever gone by Elizabeth’s Site? If not you are so missing great affirmation and advice (depending on your wifing style – lol).  Today’s post is further explaining Submission and Obedience. In my marriage, I value my ability to submit/obey. Yes, it’s true. I pray for those of who don’t understand the Godly way marriage works if you are scoffing at this. She gives the broader picture on her blog post, but I’ll give you this little tidbit to chew on:

Submission includes a woman’s freedom of choice — her choice to obey God by freely yielding herself to the authority He has placed over her. It involves trust — her absolute trust in the integrity of the God who designed her role and included submission to authority within his plan. Submission is the natural result of of a biblical woman’s abiding trust in God, and it is the fruit of her desire to do His will.

In The Kitchen…

Leftovers is key this week. It’s too hot to cook much. So we are doing a lot of re-heating. Salads. That kind of thing.

Things I’m Thinkin’ Bout….

  • Meal Planning
  • Weight Loss
  • Disliking the extreme heat. It makes me wish we were up North.
  • School Year.
  • Co-Op
  • Teaching CCD to 1st Graders I’ve taught 3rd. I’m hoping it won’t be THAT different.
  • Laundry/Cleaning
  • How quickly time flies…
  • Lists of things to do…

I know – super exciting stuff. lol

Books I’m Reading…

At I won a book called A Year of Grace. I know – YIPPEE! It’s awesome and easy to use.  Magnificat – Daily!  And a few others…

Things I’m Learning…

I learned that even though I don’t put words in other people’s mouths, or go about my day taking things others say in the wrong way, that many people do. People can be less than charitable. It’s always most shocking when they are Christian women. Then, when the women who did the worst of the gossiping and name calling (or even attacking) try to counsel you on your communication style, it’s a rare opportunity to bite your tongue and pray through it.   It makes me emotional with disappointment. It’s the anger that makes a girl cry. I’m assuming you know the kind of thing I am talking about. We’ve all had these experiences. I was upset with them for being uncharitable. Then I was upset with myself for reacting to their lack of charity and getting emotional about it. You know the cycle. The one we try so hard to avoid, but find ourselves in occasionally. But in the end, I always learn from it and move on.

There are people I thought were friends who clearly are not. I would not speak of or act that unkindly to a friend. And though I accept their apologies and will remain friendly, the relationships are damaged and I can not imagine they will repair. God is good. But I believe he shows us, through other’s actions, who we should trust and keep in our hearts as friends. I’m thankful for His guidance.

I’m reminded that I can’t please everyone and I’m not going to try.  I think that is healthy. We do our best. It will be glowingly great for most, and never good enough for others. That’s life.

I’m also reminded (St. Clare, pray for us) that the troubles of this world should not confound us. I’ll not let negative people change who I am. Thank you God! Thank you Mother. I am stronger than I think I am with YOU guiding me.

Things I’m Praying About…

  • All of the above.
  • Persecuted Christians.
  • The Mentally Ill.
  • Peace – for all of us – in every way.


I didn’t take many pictures this past week, but I did capture this:


Is that not GREAT?! Love Mother Angelica!

I hope my little lessons I learn (some over and over) .

Mostly, I hope and pray you are blessed this day and beyond.

Until next week, you Monday crowd.



Monday’s Meanderings … on Tuesday.

Em’s Daybook – Vol. 21

AUGUST 5, 2014

“God loved us before he made us; and his love has never

diminished and never shall.”  — St. Juliana of Norwich

AMEN! Happy Tuesday!

Sure, I know it says Monday’s Meanderings… and I meandered into Tuesday. Yesterday I was busy working on laundry and things.

A few months ago I wrote a letter to our new Bishop and this week a group of homeschooling mamas is meeting with a rep from his office. I’m not a “stereo typical Catholic homeschooler”. So it is funny to me that God put it on my heart to write the Bishop and invite him to oversee a Homeschool Blessing Mass and to possibly sit with parents to discuss a few things.  I trust God knows what He is doing. But honestly – as you know, there may be a day when Christopher is at a Catholic Highschool because frankly he is smarter than me in many ways. I’m not sure I can teach him past a certain level OR that I even want to. I go back and forth. So when I say, I’m the most unlikely person… Anyway – please say a prayer for us. The meeting is Thursday.

In some ways, the weeks are lazy. I mean – we declared it Summer so we are staying up later and sleeping later. That’s always fun. Until you realize you have calls to make, things to clean, etc. Sigh. Life is good!

Today I am Linking Up With…

Listening to… 

  • Silence. Don’t you just sometimes need silence?

 A Little Schooling News…

Um…. we’re ON A BREAK!

Actually – I’m working on lesson plans this week for our co-op. I’m teaching a Stories of Saints Class, so I have to get that done.  I have to order the Biology Class stuff because we switched curriculum. And I think that is about all for school.

p.s. if you are in Texas and many other states, the Tax Free weekend is this weekend. August 8 – 10th.

What do we do for fun?


The Game of Life (I lost).


War. Played with a deck of American History Cards.

Hey – we don’t have the most exciting life, but we are blessed.

A Little Wifing News….

You know I love Ms. Elizabeth’s posts on being a great wife…  Well this week, she’s talking Obedient Wife. I know some of you cringe at that word – but ladies, we are called to be that.  Throughout the Bible we learn what God expects from us. Well I love 1 Peter because he tells you how to live a holy life, what is expected as a wife/husband and much more. Go read the entire Book. It’s not too long (5 Chapters).  Here is an excerpt from 1 Peter 3:

Wives and Husbands

Wives, in the same way, accept the authority of your husbands, so that, even if some of them do not obey the word, they may be won over without a word by their wives’ conduct, when they see the purity and reverence of your lives. Do not adorn yourselves outwardly by braiding your hair, and by wearing gold ornaments or fine clothing; rather, let your adornment be the inner self with the lasting beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is very precious in God’s sight. It was in this way long ago that the holy women who hoped in God used to adorn themselves by accepting the authority of their husbands. Thus Sarah obeyed Abraham and called him lord. You have become her daughters as long as you do what is good and never let fears alarm you.

Husbands, in the same way, show consideration for your wives in your life together, paying honor to the woman as the weaker sex,[a] since they too are also heirs of the gracious gift of life—so that nothing may hinder your prayers.

If you look at that – it is clear. You yield to your husband. You don’t boss him or demean him as society would have you think is ok.

One of her quotes is very interesting in that it describes the life I’ve lived. My dad a Naval Officer, my husband an Army NCO.

In the military there is a clearly defiined chain of command. Whether a new recruit or a general, every person must learn to obey the commands of those in authority over him, or expert to suffer some painful consequences.  There is no debate, no questioning, no trying to get around it. It doesn’t matter who is smarter, or older, or better at a task. The military system is based entirely on rank and authority.

  •  Bible Verses about being obedient:
    • Romans 13:1-2
    • Ephesians 5:22-24
    • 1 Peter, Chapter 3 in it’s entirety.

No one is saying – let your husband beat you or abuse you and do nothing. No one expects a wife to be a doormat. But ladies – Our Lord calls us to be wives and mothers in His Mother’s image. It’s not always easy. I submit it is very hard, but oh so worth it.


  • Nothing new… though I need to. lol
  • I did recently win a book from and I can’t wait to receive it. GO ME!
  • Lesson Plans for Next year

A Little Kitchen News…

This week is about simple recipes. It’s back up to 100+ degrees daily so who wants to cook.  No canning either. Just a quiet kitchen week.

  • This week’s menu:
    • Monday – leftovers
    • Tuesday – Keilbasa & Veggies
    • Wednesday – Spaghetti & Salad
    • Thursday – Grilled Chicken
    • Friday – Fish
    • Saturday – Grill Somethin!

Thinking About…

Honestly – so many things. One of the biggest things that has been on my mind lately is that the Catholic Church is so divided internally we don’t need others to come out and divide us.  There is a group who doesn’t believe any Pope since before Vatican 2 is valid. They go around telling people how wrong they are all the time…. because they don’t believe in the Canon Laws that have abrogated some of the old traditions of the Church.  Several friends of mine and I left FaceBook groups. Nothing was directed at me. But I don’t want to see it. It’s so mean to watch these women gang up on one-another.  It’s flat Crazy.

As a convert, it worries me. But I know too, it is an opportunity to pray. It’s a good reminder that we all need our Lord. I just keep thinking with all the anti-Catholic sentiment in the world, I feel Catholics should stop putting down one-another and live their faith the best way they can.  Sorry to ramble.

Another thing is – the persecution of Christians all over the world. All of a sudden – it is so “in my face”. All over the news. People are taking notice and it’s scary! I stand ready to be persecuted when the time comes, but the thought of what is actually going on. The holy places being destroyed – it breaks my heart.

Thankful For…

  • Friends Who Calm and Advise me.
  • My husband – who works so hard to provide for us.
  • My son – who is a pain…. but who is also such a dear!
  • Good Books
  • Weight Watchers Meeting – leader and people there.
  • Lemonade.

Praying For….

  • My cousin’s husband – he has cancer throughout his body.
  • My friends with chronic illness.
  • Persecuted Christians.
  • Children without parents.
  • The Mentally Ill.
  • People who have no jobs, no homes, no hope.
  • The unborn.
  • Integrity of Marriage.
  • Our Church & Faith.
  • My family – our health and finances.


hunger heroes

Last week, Christopher and two other children made a few clips for North Texas Giving Day – September 18th. They are hunger heroes because they’ve done great things to help the Tarrant Area Food Bank. We are very proud of him. HERE is a post about what he did from last year (it was the 8th year he’d done it).

Ihope this post finds you doing well. If I can pray for you, please call on me.

Have a great week all!

Blessings & Hugs,


Em’s Top Ten Tips For Godly Wifing…

Happy Tuesday all!

I hope and pray your day is going well. It’s a great day here in North Texas. Yep – a “cold front” blew through and it’s a) raining and b) not 100 degrees. BONUS!

I am going to attempt to participate in the List It Tuesday Link up, that two of my favorite bloggers host. One is Kris @Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers and one is Angie @RealLifeAtHome.  And – I’ve linked up with Wedded Wednesday! That’s a fun link up. Check it out.

After the recent IHM Conference I attended, I am no longer using SAHM as an acronym. I give you the acronym WAHMWoP (work at home mom, without pay). HAHAHA  Aside from the wiping of people, places and things… aside from cooking, cleaning, bill paying, teaching, doctoring, etc… that moms do all day every day – we have this person called a husband and that relationship needs work too.

As you know, I have been following and posting about Elizabeth’s Marriage Monday Series about being a better wife. You know, my Grandma Helen always said we can only control ourselves. So – regardless of what others do, we have to be responsible for us. And as a wife/mom this holds so true.

Before I get to my list, you all know that NO ONE is perfect. I do not meet my own requirements some days, much less God’s. But there is Examination of Conscience and Forgiveness. Yes?! We are so blessed.   So do the best you can, to be the best wife you can.

My Top Ten Tips For Godly Wifing (so hard to make a top ten) are:

10. Integrity.  The definition of Integrity is two-fold.

1) The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; and, 2) The state of being whole and undivided.

You can see, right off the bat, why this is so important in a wife (spouse).  If you are dishonest with your spouse, you will do severe damage to your marriage. Further, we must be a whole, united front, when handling certain issues of parenting and just BEING married.

9.  Listen and Communicate Effectively. Sigh. Perhaps one of the hardest things to do is listen and not answer too quickly the wrong way.  We must remember men process things differently. Where we may think we are just talking, they think “I’m the man, leading the family and she is not being respectful”. You know?  I run into trouble with Marque’s line of work. I may as well be an anti-Engineer. It’s just not my thing. But I’ve learned to listen without making up rhymes about engineering acronyms and breaking out in a giggle because I have no clue. He appreciates my efforts. Truly!

8. Be Frugal and Wise with Money.  Bottom line, if you are a WAHMWoP, then he is the only one working outside the home. If you pay the bills and keep accounts, you need to make sure you are sticking to the agreed upon budget and being honest about what you are purchasing. Praying together about a hospital bill is a good thing. Praying together because you bought a $500 purse and can’t afford groceries won’t go well. You know? Yes, I know – you wouldn’t. But one time, I charged some much needed clothes on a card that was paid down. I didn’t tell Marque. So when I was reporting finances I slipped it in. Sigh. Not the way to go about it. Marque is very generous with me. I don’t have to lie… and I didn’t mean to.. Sigh. Imperfect me.

7. Cook Great Meals. If you are not a good cook, become one. Men love a wife who can cook. Learn to cook his favorites. I learned to cook with the Good Housekeeping Illustrated Cookbook, 1980. Step by step. Includes how to set a table, plan a brunch, what herbs are used for, etc. Honestly I’ve used it for 34 years and just bought one off eBay. Here’s a picture:


Further, find Internet Sites like Life As Mom’s site Good Cheap Eats.  Learn to organize your pantry, fill your freezer, can your own sauce/jelly, etc.  I tend to gravitate to people I understand and respect. Jessica is that. She’s clear, no-nonsense and loves what she does. I love recipe sites, but if I want logic and recipes and finance advice – she’s my go-to.

6. Care For His Children.  DUH. Right? I know – but it has to be said. Caring for children is, in addition to feeding and cleaning,  is about teaching them manners and helping them grow into Godly men/women. It will quickly show if you are not doing this.

5. Keep a Clean Home.  I keep a very clean home. I always did. I was “born organized” and some people aren’t. For you all, we have Chore Charts. Mine is here Davis Family Cleaning Schedule.  And no – it doesn’t always happen that way. But no one really notices because my house is clean. Christopher has plenty of chores and always has. We don’t pay him. Everyone does their part here at the Davis Household. Mostly, on a busy day, I take a few moments to run the vacuum, sweep the floors and wipe things down. I light a candle or two and create at least an appealing space for my husband to walk into. Again – I want him to want to be here.

4. Be Joyful/Content.  I’m assuming your husband works hard like mine. And even if he doesn’t who wants to be around someone that is mopey and un-joyful? not me! I really try to wait to talk to Marque about things until I can get my voice cheerful. When I am upset, I’m my worst self – snarky, ugly, whiney. NO BUENO! We (I)  have to show our (my) husbands we are thankful for what they do for our family. I can not compare my life to others. I no longer care to. It creates sadness and a bad case of the “well I want what she has…” and p.s. that is breaking a commandment. Who wants to do that? We teach our children to be happy with what they have. We teach them to smile and have fun even if they don’t want to be there. I submit, we need to listen to ourselves.

3. Be Respectful. Let him Lead.  This was so hard for me when I married. I was older (34). I had never lived with a man. I did things “my way”.  And that is not what a Godly wife does.  In some ways, I laugh now, because I’m so not the independent person I was. I need my husband in every decision. I need him to lead our family and I empower him to do that. I don’t tear him down. AND I don’t let my child do it either.  I ask his permission for things. He usually gives it…. but it is important for US that he lead in that way.

When we first married, Marque was a “well, I will go to church if you want to” guy.  But once I convinced him the Catholic Church (it took ten years) was where we needed to be… Our Lord changed this man. He leads family Rosary. He reads to us nightly. He makes sure we are at Mass on Sundays. This man…. He’s every bit of the family leader God always wanted him to leard. He’s imperfect  (like I am). But he’s respected and empowered to lead. AMEN!

2.  Show Him Love.  Ahem. Not just THAT!!! Ha. Slow dance in your living room. Do sweet little things.  Send a note in his lunch box. Let him watch HIS show. Smile at him. Hug him. Give him space. Whatever it is – show him you love him.

1. Be in Prayer.   Prayer is my sanity!  Without God, our Father, we are not the wives we should be. Our marriages and lives would suffer greatly if we stepped away from prayer.  I pray for my husband and family constantly. It’s what God calls us to do. We are the heart of the home – through our Lord. In order for that heart to be healthy, we must be in constant communication with Him!

So what do you think?  Did I leave anything out? I hope not. But let me know..

Love, Hugs & Blessings All!


Monday’s Meanderings…

Em’s Daybook – Vol. 20

“Whenever anything disagreeable or displeasing happens to you, remember Christ crucified and be silent.”
— St. John of the Cross

Happy Monday All.

Today is going to be a great day? You know why? It’s SUMMER! Ok – sure, for you it’s been Summer for months, and we’ve not been doing daily school the past week or so. Today I will put the packet together and tomorrow or Wednesday I will mail out the package for 4Q! We could not be happier.  So for the next few weeks – no school news.

The veiling posts are postponed till the Fall. There are a few people who have written posts. We have some great things in store. <3  But….

Let me hop right into my post for today.

Today I am Linking Up With…

 Listening to… 

  • The doves cooing outside.
  • Pandora Radio


I love to watch uplifting and fun TV.  Here are a few of my favs.

  • Re-Runs of Mother Angelica Live on EWTN
  • Fixer Upper – HGTV (um, they’re Texan and renovating in Texas).
  • So You Think You Can Dance
  • Diners, Drive Ins & Dives

 A Little Schooling News…

We are taking this week off. Actually we are not starting next year till either August 25th or September 8th. We’ll see how it goes. Next week, Christopher is going to be memorizing the times tables. AND he wants to learn how to type. So I gave up my regular Apple keyboard and got the longer one with a number pad. There is a typing program with this computer… so – we will see how that goes.  We will do a little Summer reading too.

A Little Wifing News….

You know I love Ms. Elizabeth’s posts on being a great wife… I’m going to talk about the Submissive Wife (there is a guest poster today).  Sigh… Do you submit to your husband? I do. People think it is odd. But I don’t think they understand how happy your marriage is if you follow God’s true teachings on the matter.  Here is an excerpt from today’s post.

As I was praying for them, I contemplated how many couples I have seen suffer through divorce. God directed me to meditate on the following verse: “Wives, submit to your own husbands, as to the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife, as also Christ is head of the church; and He is the Savior of the body. Therefore, just as the church is subject to Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in everything.” – Ephesians 5:22-24
Are we really living each day according to this scripture?  I know we have heard it many times — “submission” — that sometimes dreaded word.  Some of us first began to truly understand that word when we were saved by the grace of Christ.

It is important to understand this commandment in our homes – first submitting to Christ, then to our husbands. When we submit to Christ and study his word daily, his Spirit will begin to teach us how to honor our husbands. I believe this is one of the most important things you can do to strengthen your marriage.

I’m not saying not to discuss things with your husband. I’m not saying that we don’t all have a role in leading our families. But at the top/head of our family structure is a strong man. And I could not be happier about it.

Sure – you have your days, don’t you ladies – you look across the living room, and the aged and tired man is snoring in the recliner and you can think of a million other things he “should” be doing. You may even say to yourself, “some leader”. That’s the devil. The devil wants Godly marriage to fail. Look at all the attacks in society on marriage. Sigh. Praying for you all!


  • Nothing new… though I need to. lol
  • Lesson Plans for Next year

A Little Kitchen News…

Meet my Sous Chef:

photo 3[3]

Yep – Christopher is learning more about cooking this Summer. Currently, he’s got the emulsifier in the spaghetti sauce we were making. There is another pan next to him, where meatballs are browning. He loves to cook. We are so blessed.

  • Made the best strawberry preserves we’ve ever made last week. I have to say WE because I have so much help now.
  • Decided to freeze the potatoes.
  • This week’s menu:
    • Today – Roasted Chicken
    • Tuesday – Tacos
    • Wednesday – Leftovers
    • Thursday -
    • Friday – Fish
    • Saturday – Friends over for burgers and such.

Thinking About…

Our crazy world.  The way our country pics and chooses what to get involved in. How we give some groups refugee status, and don’t even consider others. The way some people pick and chose their truths. It’s all deeply sad for me.  If you want to know a little more about truths and numbers of people that have immigrated or gotten refugee status, you should look it up. Here are a couple links:

First of all, ICE did not solicit bids for vendors to bring children across the border, as Infowars claimed on its website. The request for information was referring to children who illegally crossed the border and were apprehended by Border Patrol agents. The private escorts would transfer “approximately 65,000″ unaccompanied foreign children from Border Patrol facilities to Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Refugee Resettlement shelters.

HHS is required by law to take custody and provide care for unaccompanied foreign children who illegally enter the United States from countries that do not border the United States. The law — known as the William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008 — allows for the expedited deportation of most child migrants from Mexico and Canada when they are apprehended at the border. But there is a complex resettlement process for other children.

These children — who are mostly from Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras — are first held at Border Patrol facilities for a maximum of 72 hours for screening. After that, the DHS must hand them over to the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) for placement under itsUnaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) programOptions may include foster care, living with a relative in the United States (if available), or deportation back to the child’s home country.

People are spreading so much false info about the situation down there. And some, because of their hatred of our President (and no, I am not a fan of his) – are just too happy to latch onto the negative untruths. Well, I say – get informed.

Thankful For…

  • The hope of rain this week.
  • Lower than normal temps.
  • My husband and child
  • Good Books
  • Weight Watchers Meeting – leader and people there.

Praying For….

  • My cousin’s husband – he has cancer throughout his body.
  • Everyone with Cancer, frankly.
  • My friends with chronic illness.
  • Persecuted Christians.
  • Children without parents.
  • The Mentally Ill.
  • People who have no jobs, no homes, no hope.
  • The unborn.
  • Integrity of Marriage.
  • Our Church & Faith.
  • My family – our health and finances.


photo 5[3]

Christopher is catching a water balloon on the last day of VBS!

photo 4[4]



Remember these? Mothers Iced Animal Cookies.  I brought them for snack @ VBS and accidentally had a few. <3

I hope this post finds you doing well. If I can pray for you, please call on me.

Have a great week all!

Blessings & Hugs,



Hi all,

I’m kinda on a break. 

I’m busy with a ton of things and blogging has been hard to fit in.

Once I get past VBS this week, I should be good.

Until then, please know I’m praying for you.

And can I just say that the teens @ St. Patricks in Fort Worth ROCK! The put together the entire VBS program. So impressive and encouraging for teens to love Our Lord so.

God Bless you all,


7QTF — On the Importance of Homeschool Conferences


7QTF  – 2014 Vol.  5

JULY 18, 2014
“Jesus deigned to teach me this mystery. He set before me the book of nature; I understood how all the flowers He has created are beautiful, how the splendor of the rose and the whiteness of the lily do not take away from the perfume of the little violet or the delightful simplicity of the daisy. I understood that if all flowers wanted to be roses, nature would lose her springtime beauty, and the fields would no longer be decked out with little wild flowers. And so it is in the world of souls, Jesus’ garden. He willed to create great souls comparable to lilies and roses, but He has created smaller ones and these must be content to be daisies or violets destined to give joy to God’s glances when He looks down at his feet. Perfection consists in doing His will, in being what He wills us to be.”
— St. Therese of Lisieux – The Little Flower

Happy Friday Evening.

My guys are at a ballgame. I’m finally sitting at the blog. Sigh…. if you are a Catholic homeschool mom, grab your glass of wine… or coffee…. or whatever… grab something and sit down – let me tell you why you should leave your spouse and children behind and go hang out at a Homeschool Conference without them.

By the end of the school year, YES even with one child — thank you Jilly for validating me with that one child thing — you are OVER IT.  And by OVER IT,  I mean, you have said at least one time, out loud, to your spouse (aka the Principal) and your child(ren) ,”I can not do this anymore… he/she/they/YOU might have to go back to public school…. I’d rather go back to work!”  Ok – so maybe you didn’t, but I did!  Oh sure, you know you are homeschooling next year, but you are ready for a break. Ok – maybe you aren’t but I am!

So I submit to you that there are WAY more than seven reasons to go to a homeschool conference (without your spouse and children if you can).  Last weekend, I went to the IHM North Texas Conference. IHM Stands for Immaculate Heart of Mary, for those of you who don’t know… and it ROCKS!

#1 – Meeting New Friends… I got to meet a few people that I haven’t met. Michelle Quigley, the creator of the Catholic Daily Planner;  Megan Kimbrell, one of the ladies in the Veiling Group and a fellow Military Wife; and, Colleen Hammond, Author of Dressing with Dignity and fellow Texan.  It was just so cool, after corresponding and interacting on FaceBook to finally meet them. Such a treat.


Myself & Colleen Hammond.

#2 – Seeing Friends You Don’t Get To See Much…. It was so nice to see friends from the Catholic Homeschool Groups I belong too. Especially the ones that live far.  It was great to catch up with them. A few of us went to an early dinner (my lunch) Friday night and a few of the same plus some others went to lunch on Saturday. We just hung out. You know? No kiddos, no fuss – just us.

Probably my favorite thing was giving away a black eternity veil to my friend who has been discerning veiling for Our Lord. What a blessing. She sent me a note a few days later, and said her family loved it and she felt so good in it. Praise for humbling me with this devotion and friends who let me be giving, in His Name.

#3 – Seeing Your Favorite Curriculum….. This is not usually as important for me in ALL regards. Why? Because we enroll in Seton Home Study. I don’t pick and choose which “this and that” curriculum to use. My brain does not work that way. In fact, it hurts my head to think about doing it that way. However, this year, in 5th, I wanted to look at a certain science set. Seeing the books/journal/lab helped me make up my mind. Anywhooo… I did buy a new Bible and a few books, prayer cards, and I picked up my journal from Michelle. LOVE IT!

And can I just say, I was really impressed by the Catholic Colleges/Online High Schools that were there. Great to know.

#4 – Supporting Catholic Businesses. I know – some of you cringe. Well – cringe on. I like supporting small Catholic Businesses. One of the Book Stores, Stella Maris, is local and I go there (40 mins from my home), so I was thrilled to see her.  I bought a Bible and some medals and Prayer Cards from her. I promised to visit soon. Love. These little relationships are so important.

Plus – I love looking out and seeing all the BOOKS about Saints and our Faith and the veils/trinkets and other things. SO AWESOME!  AND Yes, there were non-Catholic curriculums there. But, they are at the very least Christian, which is important – so very important.

#5 – Connected With Speakers…  For two days, I listened to Homeschool Moms and Apologists and Priests speak on our Faith and how important a vocation being a mom, wife, and homeschool teacher are.  We laughed, we cried, we prayed and we walked way REFRESHED!

We are not alone sisters. There is a whole ARMY of people who homeschool. Moms and Dads who feel the same as we do… tired, overwhelmed, wondering what mistakes we are making…. we all feel that way. The beauty of being around the multitudes of other parents and even the children who come…. is that we get this validation…. our heads go up, our shoulders square and WE CAN DO IT!

I loved all the speakers, I really did. But, from a personal place, Mrs. Amy Kalscheur’s words hit home. She homeschools eight children and went through cancer, complete with chemo and sickness (now in remission). She told her story about how the homeschool community gathered around. She said, out loud, how hard and scary it was. She gave up her pride and let people help her – and she told us about it.  We were all in tears. I was sitting with two friends, who are chronically sick, and it was so humbling.

She told us we are WORK AT HOME moms. I’ll never use SAHM again. She’s right – I don’t sit and eat bon bons. Do you?

Patrick Madrid told us how to stand up for our Faith and the importance of it. They all gave us tools to use in our day to day.

Colleen was the last speaker I heard. My take away from her (and really all the speakers combined) –

Homeschool Community = LOVE & CHARITY!  We are blessed and strong! We are working for Christ, and modeling our lives after the Holy Family. Unlike them, we are imperfect, but we bask in Christ’s Glow. Sigh…

#6 – Stayed the Night ALONE. One bed, one TV, one remote and people to wait on YOU.. SERIOUSLY. I ordered room service (nothing heavy) and munched while I read in my nightgown. Sure, my guys Face-Timed me. But they were having a 007 Marathon Movie Night. Ok – ok I admit I didn’t fall asleep till after 1pm. I rarely have been away from my son all night in the almost 11 years he’s been alive, so it was a little stressful. It just is not “our thing”. So it was a nice treat for Marque to be home AND for me to be able to do it. He insisted. He arranged it with his points that we are saving for vacation. And I am so eternally glad he did.

Let me clarify here. I ate without anyone saying “I’m hungry, can I have some of yours.” I read, without anyone wanting to watch TV in the room. I went to the restroom without anyone knocking and saying, “MOM” (with dad right there beside them).  I got up and someone brought me breakfast and coffee in a pot…



The coffee is in a cup & saucer ya’ll. I need to do that more at home, but I digress!  I highly recommend it!

#7 – I’m Rejuvinated. I’m Validated. I’m sure I’m doing the right thing and I’m Ready to Plan Next Year.  Don’t we all need that from time to time? We just need to take a step back and get clarity and gain strength from others… and look at things a different way. So – I’ve got the books all organized (with the exception of the new stuff coming). My classroom is organized.  Fourth Quarter packet will be sent on Monday/Tuesday and we will be ON A BREAK!

We are going to hang out for six weeks and we’ll either start August 25th or September 2nd. I haven’t made up my mind yet.

I’m linking up today with Jen @ Conversion Diary for 7QTF!

And that is a wrap!

Blessings all!