Our Lady’s Image: Veiling – Gail’s Veiling Story

“Let peace be your quest and aim. “
– St. Benedict of Nursia

Happy Tuesday all. Many Blessings to you on this first Tuesday in Eastertide. What a blessed time on our Liturgical Calendar.

Today’s Saint of the Day is St. Adalbert of Prague. He preached about Jesus in a time and place where he was executed for it. God Bless his soul! Check out the book 150 North American Martyrs You Should Know by Brian O’NeelNo, it is not an affiliate link. But the book sounds interesting and is on my list.

I am very excited to let you know that over the Lenten Season, the Catholic Women’s Veiling Group on FaceBook grew to 300+ members. It’s very exciting to watch this devotion grow.  Further, Colleen Hammond’s group Dressing With Dignity (on FaceBook) has been so helpful to me. I wanted to share it with you. There is something about dressing modestly and wearing a veil that just go hand in hand. We are so blessed.

Yes, I did go back to FB. I try to keep my activity to a minimum. But in the end, I am called to Evangelize there – in the veiling group and others.

Up next in Our Veiling Series is Gail, Owner of Petersbride tells her veiling story.  These stories are such a blessing to me and a great reminder of how beautiful wearing a head covering is.

Have a blessed day! Enjoy Gail’s Story…


mantillas by Petersbride

My journey into the act of veiling for mass began in the summer of 2008. At the time, my husband, who was then my fiancé, brought a mantilla from the UK when he came to visit. We were planning our wedding and wanted to be married in the Latin Rite. Having found a church in which regular Latin masses were conducted, we eagerly attended, hoping to make this church our church and the church in which we would become man and wife someday soon.

So, on a warm, sunny day with mantilla in hand, we entered the church in Newton, Massachusetts, and I donned my new mantilla for the first time once seated in the pew. It was a pretty black lace in the shape of a triangle with a simple, narrow, black trim. I felt sure that people were staring at me! I adjusted the mantilla as it slipped off my head and onto my shoulders, not yet aware of the necessity of bobby pins or combs. Other ladies at the mass wore mantillas as well and I surveyed them closely. How many ladies wore mantillas? How many did not? Little girls wore them too? A multitude of observations were made while, at the same time, I fumbled through my missal trying to make sense of the sacred and the beautiful ancient Rite before me. I was a cradle Catholic learning about the history of the mass for the first time and my head covering was one such relic I was blessed to finally discover.

The following Sunday, I went to the same mass with the same mantilla, feeling somewhat smarter although still slightly awkward. I had brought along bobby pins, prepared to place my mantilla in its permanent location for the duration of the mass. Waiting until seated, I feigned expertise in the art of bobby-pinning my mantilla, not yet fully appreciating the history of the mantilla or of veiling in general. I knew the practice was old. I knew that I was bearing witness to a mass that had gone on for millennia. All was so new and I felt so childish, so uninitiated.

You see, the act of veiling was roughly equivalent to lifting a veil that had been over my eyes about my own faith, about the history of my church. I was a cradle Catholic. Suddenly, on the one-hand, and slowly on the other, I came to know that the veil was an act of submission, not as the world defines it, but as countless women have known in the space of time before me.

We veil because we love. And when we love, it is a natural act to honor, to show reverence, to show piety to the object of our love, Our Lord Jesus Christ, who lived and died for us. Mary, Our Holy Mother, Our Heavenly Mother, is also the object of our love, for she consented to be Mother of the Word Made Flesh. Has there ever been a more Beautiful Woman? One whose faith was more worth emulation? Our Holy Mother is our role model as Catholic women. She is the feminine ideal because she loves without boundaries and because she knew fully that such profound love came with sacrifice to self. And, yes, Mary covered her head with a mantle.

I veil because I am not the center of my universe. God is. I am not confused about this matter, despite what the feminist regime would have us think otherwise. I veil as women have done for millennia because they were not confused either. And now, I make veils because I wish to promote the act of veiling, one beautiful veil at a time.



Bio: Gail, aka Peter’s Bride, runs a small shop on Etsy by the same name where she sells hand-made mantillas. She also runs a blog, Inspiring Peter’s Bride, where she reflects on living the Catholic faith and other Catholic issues. She is a special educator, by profession, an aspiring gardener and knitter, and lives in Nova Scotia with her husband, Peter.

Meandering Transcripts – Lent & Easter

Em’s Daybook – 2014 Vol. 11

Happy Happy Monday All! What a Lent!

I would like to begin my post with a confession. I confess I tried to do too many things to show how earnest I am in my relationship with our Lord and our Faith. And I failed ladies… a lot of days, were epic fails. And you know what – I think I’m better for it. In some odd way, my mood matched with Lent – especially the somberness of Holy Week. It made Easter that much sweeter (and I’m not talking about the fact that I nearly OD’d from Reeces PB Eggs).

You see, my husband was not just out of town, he was out of country. There were missiles being launched, there were too many sleepless nights and prayers of ACTUAL PATIENCE not just the test of patience. lol I really have been downright discombobulated. I did read daily – even if it was just Father Barron’s emails and I did pray daily. But I didn’t do half of what I wanted to do… I just didn’t. So there ya go.

It is fitting that today’s Saint of the Day is St. Anselm – he was “indifferent towards religion in his youth” and yet, he’s a Saint because he helped so many people. Amen!  Remember that when you have a rough patch or a bad day… when your negative humanity boils over. Sigh… you can still be a Saint! Just sayin!

Today I’m Linking Up With …

Updates on Us…

Marque got home from Israel and I had a sore throat and was coughing. Mine was allergies. His was bronchitis. SIGH!  It was great to see him and we managed to have plenty of together time – the three of us, I should say… But this weekend we were invaded by house guests. It was great and tiring.

Let’s just say this – by Sunday we were so exhausted, we got up and went to Mass and then after all our company left, we put the Ham into the Freezer and are having Easter dinner this coming weekend – SERIOUSLY!  We ordered Chinese. In the end, there was no point in cooking a big dinner when my husband was not going to be here to enjoy leftovers.

Yep - today he is back traveling… But we had yesterday to hang out and relax and it was WONDERFUL! We are truly so blessed. Mass was fantastic. Never mind all the turmoil the weeks and days leading up to it… I kept thinking this… HALLELUJAH! We are the Easter People. Nothing can take that away! AMEN!


Thank you Lord!

A Little School News…

We are plugging along in school. Wrapping up the last couple weeks of the 3rd Quarter. This week, we are going to the Log Cabin Village for a tour and a few activities.  We are looking forward to a field trip.

A Little Wifing News…

As you all know I love the Marriage Monday posts. Sigh. This week it’s all about being a Sympathetic Wife. um…. EPIC FAIL lately. I’ve been too wrapped up and my give a dang was busted. lol Seriously I have not been the most sympathetic wife. When Marque got home from Israel I had a big case of the “you’ve been gone traveling – YOU DO FOR ME” upside-down wifing situation going on up in here. BLAH! As always, I think Ms. Elizabeth has a window into my heart and marriage and posts exactly what I need to hear. My interjections below are in bold/italics. Right off the bat, there was this…

What does it mean to be a sympathetic wife?  Having sympathy for your husband means you feel compassion or concern for him; it means you desire his well being even above your own; it is being able to put yourself in his shoes and feel what he is feeling; it is understanding the pressures he is under as the primary provider and leader of the home.
While I think I am a good wife. I can see where I need improvement. 
What are some practical ways that we wives can demonstrate sympathy to our hard-working husbands?
1.  Give your husband some space when he first gets home from work. I’m ok at this one…Christopher, not so much. We’re working on it.
2. Take time to truly listen to your husband when he is ready to talk about his horrible day at work…and give him your undivided attention. Wait What? I have to listen AND give  undivided attention?! Seriously failed at this at least half the time he was home for all 8 days or whatever it was.
3. Don’t make light of his problems, or try to outdo him by sharing how bad your day was, indicating that his hard day was nothing compared to yours! Just listen and commiserate, showing sympathy and compassion.   Hmmm… Once again – EPIC FAIL! I should just listen. Hmmm
4. Don’t try to solve his problems…  it builds your husband’s confidence more if he comes up with the solutions to his problems himself, rather than feeling like his wife has to always solve his problems. I do not try to solve his problems. GO ME!
5.  Make sure he knows you believe in him. He definitely knows I believe in him. Though I do have some trust issues. 
6.  Let your husband know that you appreciate him and the huge load of responsibility that he carries! This he does know. He recently thanked me for telling him this. Again – Go me!
What other ways can you think of to be a sympathetic wife to your husband?

My response – Um – step up my wifing game. Sigh. Such a work in progress.

From My Kitchen…

I have not tried it yet, but when we finally have our Easter Dinner, Strawberry Cake will be our desert. YUM  I make a similar one, but thought I’d try this recipe. I will keep you posted. Next week I’ll share it on Try A New Recipe Tuesday… It was nice the few days Marque was home. We did make some great meals.  Shrimp tacos is always so great. He did some grilling too.


A few Easter pics, in no particular order:

easter 2014 2

Our Family Easter Sunday

photo 5[4]

My newest Veil. Thank you Karen from Silver Hill Treasures

bunny ears

Biting the head off the bunny!


EB brought us Christopher a Spirograph.


Jenna the Bunny-Doodle!

decorating eggs

Decorating Eggs

christopher and dylan

Christopher & Dylan

three guys

Marque, Dylan & Christopher

christopher game

Labyrinth Game

Internet Find…

Flowering Tea by Numi. My husband came home from Isreal talking about blooming green tea. He drank it nightly and loves it.  I found the sight, it was in Hebrew and they don’t sell in the U.S. So I found this Numi Tea sight. I’ll keep you posted. Isn’t it BEAUTIFUL?

Thinking About…

My list of things I need to get done.  Chores. Laundry. Bills. Reading. How to be a better wife/mom/teacher. How to be better to ME. Being more feminine. Wearing more skirts and dresses. I’ve got a lot on my mind these days…


  • My Bible
  • Rock Bottom Blessings
  • My newest book is Dressing with Dignity. It is in line to be read this year.

Thankful For…

  • My husband
  • My child and his children
  • Our grandchildren.
  • Easter – He is RISEN indeed.
  • Do-overs
  • Friends who pray.
  • My Faith.
  • Our Pope.

Praying For..

  • Our Family. Our health, finances, and for PEACE!
  • My husband. Traveling is hard on him. He’s been very tired and the doctor did a bunch of blood work.
  • Our friends who have chronic illness.
  • My child. That he may learn to be happy. I’ve done all I can to help him with contentment.
  • My Dad and extended family.
  • Mentally Ill.
  • World Peace.
  • Continued conversion to Christianity, specifically Catholicism.
  • Several private intentions.

I hope and pray you a great week.

Love, hugs & Blessings, Em

Keeping Holy Week Holy…

Hi All,

Welcome to my one and only during this beautiful Holy Week.

Yesterday was Palm or Passion Sunday.  I watched The Passion of the Christ for the first time yesterday. Marque has been wanting to see it, so I thought – ok, 50 is old enough. I’ve got this. Oh ya’ll was it ever worse than I thought. The noises and the angst on Mary’s Face and the Devil and Our Lord. I was a sobbing mess. I literally vomited (you’re welcome). If you are like me, I think it is enough to know and read the stories. I deeply regret watching this movie. NOT because it isn’t the most blessed event in our History. It is! We should Celebrate The Passion and BEG for forgiveness. We should honor and revere Easter more than Christmas.

Our Lord was born to die for us and this week represents the events leading up to His death AND His miraculous rising from the dead. There is never going to be anything I can do that is good enough to make up for the pain I cause Our Lord. That He died for my sins after the brutality of His death. Oh how I weep!

I was stressing about blogging this week. I wanted to, but I didn’t want to. I’ve decided that Holy Week is a time for Silent Reflection. It is with that in mind, I provided you the link above. There will be no veiling series, no Small Successes, no book reviews… but I’ll be thinking of you.

Further, if you are in the DFW Area and want to celebrate any of the Triduum, please come to our Parish.

seas easter triduim

Here are a few other pictures….



Amen I say – set yourself on the right path and follow Jesus.



This week is a great time to pray for people who are lost and who could use the extra nudge to come home to Our Lord and Our Faith.


This is just a reminder. For me and for you.



Many Blessings during this week.

Praying for you all!


Our Lady’s Image: Veiling – Melanie’s Veiling Story


Happy Tuesday Everyone.

Today we celebrate Saint Julie Billiart. What an amazing story. She was paralyzed for decades and then walked later in life. We read about her in school this year (we use Catholic Curriculum in our Homeschool).

Today we have school, teeth cleaning and social skills group for the boy! Two more sleeps till hubby comes home. I’m not going to say I slept well – but I have a little energy. Thank you for your prayers. Here is one I received in an email this morning. God is so good:

“O Holy Mary! My Mother; into thy blessed trust and special custody, and into the bosom of thy mercy, I this day, and every day, and in the hour of my death, commend my soul and body. To thee I commit all my anxieties and sorrows, my life and the end of my life, that by thy most holy intercession, and by thy merits, all my actions may be directed and governed by thy will and that of thy Son. “
– St. Aloysius Gonzaga

I hope that you are all enjoying your Lent. I am learning a lot as God works through me. I pray the same for you!

I hope and pray you are enjoying the veiling series as much as the ladies are enjoying writing their stories, and as much as I enjoy reading them all. I think the benefit to stories from all over the U.S. and hopefully world (that would be cool) is to show the differences and similarities in our Veiling Devotion. It’s so unique and beautiful to each of our hearts. I hope and pray you are touched by them all.

Today marks the 5th Tuesday of sharing the devotions. Our Author today is Melanie. Enjoy her story…


melanie veil

Melanie’s Veiling Story - Embracing Tradition 

I struggle to put into words what veiling has meant to me, and why I have taken up the mantle, so to speak. Since it is no longer a mandatory action, it has become a deeply personal one for those of us who practice. Coming to the decision to do so can happen so slowly, so gradually, that you are almost unaware of the path that brought you to it. This is where I sit.

I converted to Catholicism, the faith of my husband and his family, 2 years after we were married and as a mother to a newborn, on Easter 2007. My road to the faith had taken me from my family’s roots in Lutheranism, through a dangerous foray into the occult and witchcraft, and finally into the full embrace of the Church. Throughout it all, I know now, Mary was at my side, protecting me and gently but firmly urging me towards her son and his true Church (though that’s a story for another day). Suffice it to say that I had put myself on her radar and she was not going to let me go!

As many other converts will attest to, when you enter a Church that has been around for 2000 years and is full of traditions both written and unwritten, it is extremely intimidating and confusing. It is also beautiful, there is so much to learn and so many ways to reach out to God and to show him your reverence and obedience. I have a deep love for the traditional and the ritual, both of which the Church excels at. My fellow converts may also agree with me that as a newcomer, you are desperate to steep yourself in these traditions, and to seek out those things that will allow you to feel most “catholic”.

So you take up things that you think of as unique to the Church: the Rosary, Eucharistic Adoration, Daily Mass, Confession, Lenten fasting. Or at least, you try to. For me, one of these beautiful traditions was veiling. I didn’t take it up right away, no one else wore one and I feared looking like the “holier-than-thou” convert. The same fears that kept me from correcting cradle Catholics on Church teaching kept me from adopting a practice they did not themselves use.

My fascination with it didn’t cease, though, and I found myself continually researching it. What had it meant before? What made the Church change i’s teaching? HAD they really? What were the different colors for? What styles were acceptable? I became convinced that, really, we were never meant to stop veiling, so I needn’t fear how it would look if I took it up.

I even went a step further, and began researching covering full-time. I dabbled in this, buying several simple cloth coverings and wearing them most of the time, including to mass. And it felt good, really good. When I covered, I found that my demeanor lost its rough edges, I found that my focus in Church could easily go from handling my growing and very active son back to a connection with God. I felt uniquely and completely feminine.

I don’t really know why I stopped, and still to this day I wonder if I shouldn’t take up full-time veiling again, just as our Lady Mother did. I know it’s odd for a Catholic, but there are those out there who do. For the mean time, I know one thing: I must veil at Mass.

I understand so much now. After having two children which I later learned were miracles given a health condition that meant I shouldn’t have been able to have any without fertility treatments, I have a special understanding of how sacred a woman is as the source through which God brings forth his dearest creations. We, unlike men, have the potential to house not just our soul, but the soul of another until it is ready to meet the world. When I look around the Church, I see other very sacred items veiled to show reverence for the blessing that they are, for the deep connection to God that they bear, and I know, I just know. As one such sacred creature, I must be veiled as well.

Do I still feel self-conscious? Yes! Especially if I attend mass at a more contemporary parish. I just try very hard to remind myself that it’s not for them or about them, it’s about me and God and his will for me. I am so blessed to have found the Church, and her beautiful traditions like veiling, which help me to truly know God and to worship him completely.



BIO: Melanie lives and writes in Iowa City, IA, where she lives with her husband, Ben, and her children, 7-year-old John and 2-year-old Elizabeth. She converted to the Catholic Church in 2007, sharing the journey with her re-verting husband. Melanie has a deep devotion to the Virgin of Guadalupe, who she believes shielded her from harm as an occult practitioner, and to the Divine Mercy Chaplet. She hopes to someday put her degree in Spanish and Latin American Studies to use, but for now prefers to be a full-time mother and part-time towing dispatcher. She dabbles in blogging at notbreadalonestudy.wordpress.com. 

Meandering Transcripts…


Em’s Daybook – Vol. 10

Happy Monday Night.

I hope your day was good. We had school, laundry, visit with a friend (we had to get outside and it was great). I’m going to skip my normal intro since the day is almost done, and get on with my post.

Today, I’m Linking Up With…

Jenny @ Plain Grace for Moments of Grace
Elizabeth @ Yes They Are All Ours for Marriage Monday
Jenna, Mary & Anna Cate @ A Mama Collective for Currently

These link ups have become a blessing in my week.  I also love Try A New Recipe Tuesday on Home to 4 Kiddos, but Marque’s not home, so I’m not trying new things. HA! But seriously great sight for new recipes.

A Little School News…

To be honest, I feel like it’s a lot of catching up because I can’t get my student to concentrate. Pray for me. I’d love to do more fun things. But we have real work that needs to get done. Sigh.  Pray for us.  I guess we all have weeks like this.

A Little Wifing News…

Today’s Wifing post is about being a Trustworthy Wife. It hits home. There was a time I’d buy craft things and hide them. I never even had to hide them. It’s idiotic really!  Immaturity. But those days are long gone.  In the beginning we both made silly mistakes. But now – I’m sure I’m a great wife… and definitely trustworthy!

Does your husband trust you? Can he tell you secrets? Do you build him up? Do you spend all his money and lie about it? Do you hide things from him?

Elizabeth challenges you to discern if you are a trustworthy wife.  Here is one of the things a trustworthy wife does:

A trustworthy wife always has her husband’s best interests in mind. She has his back!  She treats him well, comforts and encourages him, and according to verse 12, she does her husband good all the days of her life.  Have you ever really thought about that verse?  Can you be counted on to do your husband goodevery single day of your life?  

Go read her Marriage Monday post. It’s awesome.

A Little Parenting News…

It is hard to always make the right decision. But after much consideration we pulled Christopher from baseball. He had an AWFUL coach. Just an awful person. He put his hands on my child. Told me his son bossed the other kids around because he was the assistant coach. Left the games to walk out and smoke and come back on the field. Just a jerk with a capital J. Anyway – once I talked to him about how he acted, he benched my child. A  bully through and through.  He did the same to a friend’s child during the All Star season, so he’s got quite the reputation. It’s sad really. We have found a different league starting in May. We’re hopeful. The child loves baseball. Praying.

And those of you wondering – yes, I pray for this man because he clearly has problems.  Please pray for him too.

From My Kitchen…

Later this week, I will make a chocolate cake. Marque loves chocolate cake AND he’ll be home Thursday late. Won’t he be happy when he wakes up Friday morning and there is a cake.

Friday dinner is going to be fish.  Saturday will be steaks. All Holy week is fish or meatless.  On the menu are:

  • Beans & Rice
  • Shrimp Tacos
  • Salmon Patties
  • Vegetable Soup
  • Grilled fish & Veggies
  • Cheese Ravioli & Salad
  • Veggie Lasagna

Come on over. Dinner is around 5:30 – 6pm.

Additionally Marque has to make a few mini-trips (within a couple hours) before Easter so we will be here for Easter. He is so exhausted, he says he just wants it to be us. So there will be a lot of Church and a lot of just us. He may take Good Friday and the Monday after Easter off – and take a long weekend.


ezra gift

This is a picture of a Pocket Rosary for a friend’s son’s upcoming 1st Holy Communion. You have to check out a shop on Etsy called FaithBeads. I found the Dominic Savio Medal in another Etsy Shop. And contacted her to say “hey, I love your work, can you make something out of it?” And she said “Yes”. Her name is Erin. Anyway – this is what she made. And she included the Prayer Cards. How precious is that?

I also bought one for Christopher, Marque and I – for our Easter Baskets. Um – yes, yes we do get Easter Baskets.

And this…


The baby rabbits were having so much fun in our grass before we had it mowed. Thankfully our neighbor did it. It took him three hours. God bless his heart.

Internet Find…

DAILY BREAD - by one of my favorite Catholic Mamas. I forgot about it last week, but I’m on it. All printed out and catching up. xx oo

Thinking About…

Shaking the blues. I’ve been very blue this past week or so. I’ll spare you the details. Just an every-now-and-then thing. I’m sure I’m too hard on myself. Sigh. Kinda “Blah”. Pray for me?!


Thankful For…

Praying For…

  • My sanity. No really. I’ve been down.
  • My health and that of my family.
  • Family finances.
  • For stick-to-it-iveness – for all those who lack it.
  • For all who suffer Chronic and fatal illness.
  • Jennifer & Cecelia Trapuzzano, The Lewis Family – and those who suffer loss of spouse/children!
  • America – that we Christians can combat the LGBT Mafia-like people who are desperately trying to take all of our rights away.
  • Our World – that Christians will stand strong against persecution.
  • For young marrieds. Marriage is hard. We must pray God be the center of all Marriage.
  • For those who have told me their intentions.
  • Those who have no one to pray for them.

Blessings ALL!

More soon…


Unsolicited Advice – Vol. 5 – Pray The Rosary


Armed with the Rosary, we are unstoppable! This is one of my favorite blog posts from last year.

I’m not a big “re-blogger”. But I think this bears repeating.

I hope you will enjoy it too.



Originally posted on Em's Estuary:


Happy Thursday All!

My unsolicited advice today – PRAY THE ROSARY!

I have a special relationship with Mary. She has always been with me, since we met long ago. I needed a mother and she stepped in. Praise God!  And – Because I have an affinity with Mary, I love to pray the Rosary.  It helps that my birthday month celebrates praying the Holy Rosary. How lucky am I?

What is The Rosary?  Below is the explanation found HERE.


The word rosary comes from Latin and means a garland of roses, the rose being one of the flowers used to symbolize the Virgin Mary. If you were to ask what object is most emblematic of Catholics, people would probably say, “The rosary, of course.” We’re familiar with the images: the silently moving lips of the old woman fingering her beads; the oversized rosary hanging from the waist of the…

View original 878 more words


Our Lady’s Image: Veiling – Lily’s Veiling Story

Happy Tuesday All!

Today’s Saint of the Day is St. Hugh of Grenoble. The first sentence in the write up is “Today’s saint could be a patron for those of us who feel so overwhelmed by all the problems in the world that we don’t know where to begin.” Sigh, boy can I understand that.

Before Lily shares her story, I wanted to share this with you. It kind of fits. I receive a daily email called Catholic Spiritual Direction. I get a lot of Catholic emails, and I read what I can. But this one caught my eye. It’s called The Value of Obedience. Honestly I could type a whole blog series on why we need to be more obedient. We teach our children to be obedient. Obey first, and then ask questions. Right?  So – we need to work on this as adults… Just a thought for those who are considering veiling.

Have a blessed week. Enjoy Lily’s story!


Our guest Author today is Lily Beck Wilson of  Veils by Lily.  She has some beautiful posts about veiling on her blog. However, she has come up with some new parts of her story for us. She calls it The Untold Story of Veils by Lily and Divine Providence. 

The Veil

I started wearing a veil to Mass in January of 2010, right around the time I rediscovered the awe-inspiring reality of the doctrine of the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist. I was so in love with the idea of having an external sign to show Jesus my love for Him that I wanted other women to be inspired to this beautiful devotion, as well. When I looked for veils online, though, it wasn’t until I found one I loved and could see myself wearing that I finally decided to go for it.

Soon after that, I started looking for laces to One of Lily's first veilsmake a new veil and I did – with a trim completely hand-stitched. Having made one, I bought a cheap sewing machine to see if I could manage a few stitches, and I was very surprised to learn I could!

At the time, I was still working from home – the same job I’d had since freshman year at Washington University in St. Louis. While many people thought it was an ideal arrangement, it was extremely hard. Like I told Dan, family life was non-existent. My husband would get home from work, I would lock myself in our room to work, and I would miss out on family dinner and bedtime every night, often with little hands banging on the door, crying to be let in.

I often wondered, if we were supposed to be open to life, how was God going to figure this out for us? It was already hard to do this with three children… but more? It would be impossible.

Nothing is impossible for God

A month after I put up my website, I was so busy I couldn’t keep both making veils and working my part-time job. My friend Debbie, who is one of the people most in love with Jesus that I know, encouraged me to quit my job and commit to making veils. My husband, though, didn’t think it would be a good idea until I at least broke even after my initial expenses. I told this to Debbie, who at the time was going through a rough recovery after cancer surgery.

“How much do you need to break even?” she asked, as I sat at her bedside.

“A hundred dollars,” I said. I watched her reach over to her nightstand and when her hand came back, I saw that she held five $20 bills.

“You just broke even…quit your job,” she said.

Amazed at God’s working my life, I did just that. It was September 2010.

Family life, Rediscovered

In the midst of all this, we started eating dinner as a family for the first time since my husband and I married in 2004, and I made a commitment to start keeping the Lord’s Day holy.

Orders came in fast and kept increasing in number, but every time time I started to feel overwhelmed with the work load, I came back to the knowledge that God’s will for me was to be a wife and a mother first. No matter how holy other endeavors, nothing could interfere with my primary vocation.

By the time April came around, I knew it was time to hire a permanent seamstress. There was no more room in the little corner of our house to keep the bolts of lace, so I knew we had to look for another space.

Entrusting Ourselves to Jesus

Full of faith, I asked Jesus to help me find an office space that could serve as our new workshop. I knew that, if it was His will for us to keep doing this, He would find us the perfect space.

I looked at commercial real estate listings, considered buying a small building, and drove around town trying to brainstorm other ideas. Everything was too expensive for me to afford, and nothing seemed right…until I happened to find a listing for office space in the same building as Liguori Publications.

Liguori, MissouriIt was a beautiful campus – they had a convent, a monastery, a nursing home for retired Redemptorist priests, and a beautiful cemetery with a life-like stone depiction of the Crucifixion. I loved it.


I toured the office space they had for rent and knew that was it. It was affordable and exactly what we needed.

The Veils by Lily workshop at Liguori

Best of all, as a sign from Our Lord that He had taken care of everything, was the realization that there was a chapel just down the hall from our office. The Blessed Sacrament, the entire reason for why we do what we do, was reserved in the tabernacle.

Crucifix at the Liguori chapelMy heart was so full of joy and gratitude that I thanked Jesus not only for pouring out His blessings on our humble mission, but for making it known to us that He was pleased with it.

Today, I’m still mostly at home with my now five children, but every so often we go to Liguori to pick up veils. When we do, we stop by the chapel – even if just for a second – to adore Jesus and to tell Him we love Him.

If it wasn’t for Him, none of this would have been possible. Our Lady, too, knows that nothing is impossible for God, if we will simply, “Do whatever He tells you.”

Lily is a cradle Catholic and full-time mother of five with a special love for veiling in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament. After being exposed to many different cultures living in Chile, Saudi Arabia, Spain, and Japan, Lily came to the United States in 2001 on a scholarship to the liberal Washington University in St. Louis. Surprised to discover for herself the truth of her Catholic faith, in 2003 Lily embraced the folly of the Cross in stark contrast to the wisdom of the world. Looking to promote a deeper reverence to the Blessed Sacrament, Lily founded Veils by Lily in August 2010 and now spends most of her spare time filling orders and returning inquiries about veiling. If you are on the fence about veiling, Lily hopes you will consider this.

Meandering Transcripts – Evening Edition


Em’s Daybook – Vol. 10

Happy Monday Evening All! I normally have this post up on Monday mornings, but I have to be honest, I just didn’t have time this weekend. And I’m ok with it. I hope you are too.

Today we went down to visit a friend and her children. It was a great visit. I helped a little with school. We had lunch. We chatted. I love seeing this family. I wish they lived around the corner. They might tire of us… but I hope not. HA!  I always feel so blessed when I leave there – because they are a great bunch of folks.  The little ones are especially special to me. And the youngest is now turning three this week. Um – could someone tell him to stop!

Sigh… on to my post.

Today, I’m Linking Up With…

Jenny @ Plain Grace for Moments of Grace
Elizabeth @ Yes They Are All Ours for Marriage Monday
Jenna, Mary & Anna Cate @ A Mama Collective for Currently

These link ups have become a blessing in my week.  I also love Try A New Recipe Tuesday on Home to 4 Kiddos, but Marque’s not home, so I’m not trying new things. HA! But seriously great sight for new recipes.

A Little School News…

We are done with the book report. WOOHOO!! Tomorrow I send in all the 2nd quarter work. Third quarter is going well. Thank you very much.

I do think my student has a sinus infection.

A Little Wifing News…

So far, in the Godly Wife series,  Elizabeth has gone over these:

Today she asks which of these we are most like. Sigh. I don’t know. What I do know is that they are all inside me. And from time to time, I pull from each of the Godly Wife characteristics. I think we all do. No one is EVERYTHING all the time, except for God. And so I submit, I am a little bit of each and always in search of more of each!

For example… the other day my husband calls. He says, “I’ve got something to tell you that you won’t like”. The good news is, there is not another woman (ha). The bad news is, he may be back for two days and have to ship out again during Holy Week, no less. Sigh. I’m shattered. And I wasn’t very nice about it. He’s been gone for more than two months with only a week between trips. I miss him and I want him home. Let’s just say, my first reaction was less than supportive. BUT the grateful wife in me, who is so grateful he has a job, FaceTimed him back and apologized. He said I didn’t need to, but I did.  And there is the humble wife. You see what I mean? We are all a little of all those and in need of more of each at different times.

I love being a wife. And I know you do too! Sometimes it is easy and, well, sometimes it is not. Pray without ceasing (best advice ever).

From My Kitchen…

Well, I did make a nice chicken last night. I sautéed it over basil, onions & garlic, browned both sides and then baked it. That is about as fancy as I’ve gotten. But we are making due.

A Snapshot I Love…


Fred hangs out in the office with me at the end of the day. That is Christopher’s school chair. He just hops up and makes himself at home. I’m not sure what he was looking at. Silly old Cat!

new veils


These are my new veils. The black is from Lily @ Veils by Lily and the other two are from Karen @ Silver Hill Treasures.  My favorite is the black and purple. It allows me to ease into color… I love them All.!

Internet Find…

Honestly I love love love Mozart’s Lullaby Radio on Pandora. Did I tell you I love it? It’s “folky” and pleasant.

Thoughts I Have…

I am really enjoying all our various Lenten Readings. They are all over the house and it’s fun to see the different concepts. I was sent a little pamphlet called 40 Days of Hope & Healing. Titles of late… The Value of a Promise, Defusing the Bomb, A Holy Masterpiece, Disarming a know-it-all, The Value of Un-Parenting and Surviving a Hurt Attack… now – at first glance you think “how on earth is that about Lent?” But when you read these quick reads, it’s about learning to deal with life and learning to pray for strength when pain invades your family or your heart; when you need to be knocked off your soap box; praying for understanding of others, etc… It’s very heartfelt!

Today’s is about Surviving a Hurt Attack. Here is an excerpt:

No matter what we’re going through, the trouble is not here to stay. A failed relationship, layoff notice, bankruptcy, terrifying medical diagnosis, or the death of a loved one backs us up against the wall. It’s ok to admit we are suffering and angry with God.

So when we’re raw, hurt and bleeding, how do we find the gift of really living again?  Like the royal official in the Gospel, turn it over to Jesus and say, “I need help!” This is where healing begins — when we quit depending on ourselves and welcome assistance.

Work With Your Hands: Make a hurt attack survival basket for a friend facing difficulties. Fill it with flowers, positive quotes, poems, Bible verses or cartoons. Don’t forget to include your phone number.

Prayer: Jesus, ever now and then life will throw me a curve. With you to help catch me, it’s easier to bounce back. Amen!

There is more to it, but is that not great. Just a reminder to turn to God and always be there to help others. What a blessing!


At this point, I feel I should write – what am I not reading?! Too much. I’m playing catch up.

Thankful For…

  • My husband, son & father… Great men!
  • My friends – even when I am lonely, I know I am loved.
  • Spring. Thank you Jesus. Our tree has little green buds…
  • Fia. I got to see my buddy Fia today. Well I got to see her mama and her siblings too. But that Fia… let’s just say, she has a pink cast. She had me sign it. HA I drew a kitty on it. (she loves hello kitty).
  • Music. It heals my soul. I love all kinds. I love to sing. LOVE to dance. So thankful for Music through my life.
  • So much more…
  • And YOU!

Praying For…

  • Friends with Cancer.
  • Friends with chronic illness.
  • World Peace. I am. I’m serious. And you should be too.
  • For Closure for the Family/Friends of the recent Mudslide and Malaysian Air disaster. Peace be with them!
  • My little family and our health/finances.
  • My extended family for various reasons.
  • For the Mentally Ill.
  • For those who have no one to pray for them.
  • For YOU! No – seriously, I am!

Have a great rest of your Monday ladies & gents.

Blessings to you all,



Noah and Nativity Stones…

Happy Saturday All.

I am admittedly tired this morning and my tummy hurts, but I have priorities right? lol MY BLOG – which I really need to step up my posts on. I know I know.

I wanted to touch on a few things.

1. Plain Grace  - Saturdays with Mary. Always a great devotion. Check it out.

2. Noah – The Movie. Oh the Hoopla of it all.

I do not like violent movies. And since this is inappropriate for children, I’ll likely not see it. My husband can not wait to see it. But he is a man (duh!) AND they are thankfully different from me.

I have to say – I prefer my Bible Story Book over something like this. But – if you want to see the movie, just know what you are walking into. There is no reason to be disappointed or irritated because this is nothing like the stories told to us our whole lives. Be informed. Read the reviews.

3. Nativity Stones. A nice gentleman sent me an email asking me to review a product called Nativity Stone Jewelry. The company has been around since the 60′s.

nativity stones

The product comes packaged beautifully and it is a beautiful necklace.  There is a certificate of authenticity and a book that explains the history of the product.  Further, if you go to their website Nativity Stone Collection you can read their  Story and see them in The News and look into The Charities they give to.

Here is a little excerpt from their site:

The Nativity Stones were excavated in 1963 from the Manger Room of the Cave of the Nativity in Bethlehem. They were the only stones ever authorized to be removed from this sacred site. The Nativity Stones are a rare and beautiful piece of Christian history that witnessed the birth of Jesus Christ. Rare and limited in number, Nativity Stones are an heirloom for the faithful to enjoy now and for generations to come.The Nativity Stones were certified by Elias B. Bandak, Mayor of Bethlehem, and Father Economies George Bandak, high priest of the Church of the Nativity. In the year 2000 the Nativity Stones were honored with a plaque placed in the Vatican(there is a clip on the website)  further validating their authenticity and ensuring you and your family are in possession of a truly special part of history.

Full disclosure, I had not heard of this company before. I went on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) page and this company is not registered. Honestly, I do not think they are required to be. There are no complaints registered against them. I only bring this up because I know sometimes people don’t believe things. So I checked it out. This seems like a legitimate company with a great product.

I have to tell you,  it is a blessing to have even this small piece of the cave where Jesus was born. Like all of us who cherish our Lord, anything that may have touched the Holy Family is sacred. And I really love this little piece of history I have. Plus – it’s BEAUTIFUL!

Here is their shop – Nativity Stones Collection Shop.  The piece I have on in the picture is the Petite Nativity Cross. It’s really beautiful.

I hope you will check into the company. Their products and story are equally beautiful.

AND – as a special bonus, they are offering any of my readers a special discount. You will get 15% off  if you type in the coupon code:  HEART15!

How great is that? Have a great Saturday All.

Love, Hugs & Blessings,


7 Quick Takes Friday – Surviving

Happy Happy Friday.

If we don’t get rained out, we have a baseball game tonight.  Marque is sad he is missing it all. So – I went out and bought the CUTEST little digital video camera for the game tonight. No seriously – I know techy things are not cute. But it fits into my hand. Which is about the size of an average 10 year old’s hand. I’m not a big/tall person (chubby – yes, big – no).  Therefore, I dub it cute. You’re welcome.  It’s a Sony PJ340 and it does cool things Marque will like, but is simple for the tech-challenged – Like me!

Happy Saint Day to St. Catherine of Bologna.

Catharine wrote a book on the seven spiritual weapons to be used against temptation. “Jesus Christ gave up his life that we might live,” she said. “Therefore, whoever wishes to carry the cross for his sake must take up the proper weapons for the contest, especially those mentioned here. First, diligence; second, distrust of self; third, confidence in God; fourth, remembrance of the Passion; fifth, mindfulness of one’s own death; sixth, remembrance of God’s glory; seventh, the injunctions of Sacred Scripture following the example of Jesus Christ in the desert” (On the Seven Spiritual Weapons).

Amen St. Catherine. WOW… what a beautiful soul! Pray for us!


So – I’m late getting this posted. I intended it to be up this morning BUT we had to run errands between storms.  I’m linking up with Jen & the Gang (it’s kinda like Cool & The Gang, only BETTER) for 7 Quick Takes Friday.  Very little of her post is something I wouldn’t say this week. Ok – I’m not an author, yet, BUT the plane thing – ALL ME (but way better written because it’s her).

Today marks the third week of Marque being in Israel. He had been gone for two weeks in Jersey. Came home for a week and then left again. We have two more weeks. So – for the better part of two months, I’ve been without my spouse. It’s NOT my first time. He has always traveled and was in Iraq on and off for the better part of two years. But people – this has been hard on us. We’re older, closer, we need each other more. I know – so sweet. But I’m serious. I need him home.

Anyway – here’s a few pieces of advice from me to you…

-1- Ditch the Schedule. Not in it’s entirety. But the first couple of days after Marque leaves… if it is a school day, let’s say we do part of a day. Christopher is a bear for a couple of days. Well – more bear than normal. HA  Plus he’s emotional.  Then, I really make an effort to lighten up. This can both work and back-fire, so you really have to find your groove with it. But – be patient. Note – I did not say Pray for patience. This can also backfire. Just saying!

When dad is gone, Christopher gets a little extra electronics time. Not much, but a little.  He said I should mention this just in case you were wavering if your spouse traveled. HA!

-2- Don’t Give Up Chocolate for Lent.  If your spouse is gone for Lent and your secret pick-me-up is chocolate, do yourself a favor and don’t give it up.

Make sure you have a stash of good chocolate around. You think I’m kidding, but a little goes a long way to a pick-me-up ladies. TRUST ME. Take the bar below. It’s really big and it has 16 or 18 squares. You really only need one or two, so it lasts. AND it’s just the right amount of sugar/salt. Plus – it is Belgian Chocolate… If you know BC I don’t need to say more. Anywhooo… this is my go to treat. It’s in the freezer (don’t tell anyone).


-3- Stay Busy. Honestly – Spring Cleaning. Board games. Park visits. Whatever it is – do something. Don’t sit and get restless. I have plans for various projects.

-4- Meds. You may think it’s week, but lots of military children and spouses have anxiety issues. We pride ourselves on being strong and I am one strong woman. But sometimes I need Xanax. Now – if you are reading this and have a natural remedy I’m all ears. Just to put it into perspective here… I get a 30 day prescription filled probably twice/year. But if I need it, I take it. PERIOD.

-5- Don’t Forget to Exercise. Get out and walk. Run (ok – confession, if you see me running, please run too…. because someone or something bad is right behind me!). My Point – do something. Get outside and breath the air.

-6- Visit Friends. Take friends up on a visit. Whether it is to walk, to visit a park or whatever…  I used to be the person who “didn’t want to bother others”. Not anymore. HA… My child and I need to be around others.

-7- Pray. Most importantly don’t forget your morning devotions. Start your day off right. Coffee and a devotion (or tea…). In fact, pray all day.  This is not a judgment statement, but I do not know how people who don’t pray and center themselves with prayer stay sane – especially if  one spouse travels.   I’m so blessed to have my faith.

Christopher reads to me about Saints (which he loves). We read about Lent and doing great things. We stay focused… and on days we aren’t – it shows.

I leave you with a shot of my son pitching the other night. He’s so focused.



Happy Friday ALL!